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Beading Tips

Making to Sell

Use beads that blend and match well with each other. Usually, people are looking for a particular colour to go with an outfit ( summer brights are the exception to this, where multi colours and  vibrant mixes are often favourite) so think through what you would wear with your clothes- don't just be lead by the beads. Take a look in shop windows, the hottest selling lines are likely to be featured there. What are the leading colours of the season?  Ok, maybe you hate lime green, but 1000s of others don't! 

Try to make matching sets. If someone likes the necklace it is quite likely they would like the earrings to match, maybe even a bracelet. Make it more "pick and choose" than a set that has to be bought together, though it is sensible to offer the combined pieces at a better rate than the singly bought pieces.

You have spent time designing and making your jewellery.  Good display enhances the quality further. Boxes make a vast difference.  This is especially true at Christmas time when customers are looking for an easy to wrap gift.

If you have made something you are really pleased with take a photograph to remind you exactly how you made it. It is so easy, especially if it sells very quickly, to forget how you did it.  Why not take pictures of other peoples jewellery that has inspired you too ( with permission where appropriate of course). Build up a portfolio of ideas and inspirations.

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Threading Tips

When using clasps always start with the same end, e.g. the toggle of the toggle and loop. It is very easy to end up with a a necklace with two toggles or two loops.  Another way to solve this one is take out one toggle and one loop.  Put the others away somewhere else until that necklace is finished.

Keep your jump rings, ear wire loops and other loops in shape and get them to close correctly by opening sideways.

Have you knocked all the beads and components onto the floor ?  Not yet, then you are lucky.  Stick a tray, box or sided container to the table with blu tack or double sided tape.  Put the beads and findings in the tray/box, this also stops the beads from trying to escape by rolling away. 

When you are buying beads remember artificial light can make quite a difference. Internet pictures can be even worse – taken in artificial light or flash and colour adjusted.  We take our pictures in natural daylight, however sometimes we have to brighten them – you do not want to see a dark blob!

You do not want your jewellery creating allergic reactions or worse.  Be sure that your metal components (findings) are EU nickel compliant? All of ours are. This is now an EU directive and you must not sell any items of jewellery that are not nickel compliant. Cheap findings on the internet that originate outside the EU may not be compliant.  Beware.

Hand made Jewellery makes great presents for family and friends. They get something that you have made with your care and thought.  However it can be highly embarrassing when they get the same thing twice.  Mobile phone camera and internet photo libraries makes it easy to record who got what designs and when.

Save time and frustration by making necklaces once not twice. Leave more Tiger Tail than you think you need to finish off a necklace when you cut it to length.

You have spent time designing and making your jewellery.  Good display enhances the quality further. Boxes make a vast difference.  Take a photograph to remind you exactly how you made it.

You do not want your necklaces to come apart so you crimp them well. The crimp may look untidy since crimps take some skill to make them secure and look good. Using crimp covers hides untidy but secure crimps.  Neat finishing underlines the quality of your designs and work.


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