Our stores

Our stores

You can buy online or at one of the many bead fairs we attend. Sorry no shop at the moment

Bead Fairs 2018

in England and Wales

Why is visiting a fair better than buying online?  10 Reasons to come and see real beads and findings

1. You get to see the true colour of the beads.

2. You can put them next to each other BEFORE you buy to see if your design ideas are going to work.

3. You don't end up with a load of beads you thought were much bigger/smaller (we have all done that one!!)

4. You get to meet fellow beaders and have a bit of a chat.

5. Even though we have free p and p over £25 on our website, there are no postage costs if you come along on the day

6. You can check out our new design ideas and take pictures if you like.

7. You get to see beads you would never have thought to search for online, and actually they they are really nice.

8. Many of our beads cheaper than most websites and some are a lot cheaper !

9. You get to see a whole range of beads, findings and packaging etc in one place.

10. Sometimes its just nice to shop/rummage surrounded by pretty beads

If you can think of another reason please let us know